Biscuits with sugar substitutes

Ceval suikervrije speculaas

Sugar-free speculoos 

A sugar-free caramelized biscuit, delicious and crispy. Perfect for diabetics.  

Sweetener: maltitol & isomalt

Ceval suikerarme marsepeinkoek

Marzipan biscuit (low in sugar)

A delicious layer of marzipan, surrounded by a crispy biscuit. The low-sugar favourite of the whole family!  

Sweetener: maltitol & sorbitol

Ceval speltwafel met zoetstof
Spelt waffle with sweetener

Spelt is an ancient grain which is rich on vitamins, minerals and proteins. Is has a high nutritional value and is easy to digest. 

This soft, light snack offers you all the good qualities of spelt!

Sweetener: maltitol & fructose

Ceval chocolade speltwafel met zoetstof
Suikervrije fijne galetten
Spelt waffle with sweetener covered with chocolate

All the good qualities of spelt: high natritional value and easy to digest. Covered with a delicious layer of dark chocolate! 

Sweetener: maltitol & fructose 

Sugar-free waffer discs

Crispy and thin, delicious even without sugar! 

Sweetener: maltitol