Fruit and vegetable juices

All our juices are bottled in brown bottles for even better preservation of all vitamins and minerals. They don't contain any artificial colourings or flavours.

Ceval rode bietensap
Ceval pruimensap

Organic beetroot juice

100% beetroot juice (fermented with lactic acid). Organic and highly recommended for athletes! 





Prune juice

Our prune juice is made for 96% from concentrated, dried prunes. It is the ideal natural aid for your gastrointestinal transit!

Ceval slender-fitmix


A delicious blend of fruit juices (raisins, pear, lemon and elderberry), 

herbal extracts and green tea, scented with a refreshing note of apple vinegar. It exists for 98% of fruit, is rich in vitamins and gives your metabolism an extra boost!

Ceval sinaasappel-mango sap


A delightful exotic fruit drink with soy proteins and antioxidants. 

Ceval granaatappelsap

Pomegranate juice

100% pomegranate juice! This juice doesn't contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Due to its high polyphenol content, pomegranate can strenghten the immune system and contribute to the improvement of our overall health.

Ceval canberrysap

Cranberry juice

Cranberries are a source of antioxidants and relieve the pain of bladder infections. Tasty and refreshing!


Ceval Dodoens Kruidentonicum

Herbal wine DODOENS 15°

The "Cruydeboeck" of Dodoens, published in 1557, was for 200 years the most frequently used herbal textbook in Western Europe. Today you can still enjoy this extraordinary aperitif wine with its unique herbal flavour!