Our story

For more than 35 years already, Ceval Healthfood is baking healthy, tasty biscuits. Proud of our Belgian baking tradition, we're still using traditional techniques and procedures. Our key values are taste and quality.


Ceval Healthfood has a broad range of biscuits that appeals to everyone's taste and convictions: organic, sugar-free or low on sugar, fiber-rich, low on calories... 

We carefully select the best ingredients to offer you the most delicious, healthy biscuits.

Enjoy every bite and FEEL THE ENERGY!

"After eating a VitaBran with green tea and ginger I feel completely satiated until the next meal. So much healthier than all those high-calorie snacks. And not too sweet - really my kind of flavour!"


"Without any guilt I enjoy the 4 flavours of our VitaBran biscuits" #organic


"Eating a delicious VitaBran with apple, raisins and cinnamon is a moment of pure delight for me! What a heavenly taste!"


Which biscuits are our team's favourites?

"The VitaBran biscuits with cranberries are so tender and yummie and contain only 96 Kcal per biscuit! Healthy snacking!"


"The marzipan biscuit is low on sugar and so yummie in my tummy"


Ons team tijdens openbedrijvendag

Our team

Leo Borms

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Curious by nature

Patrick Hautphenne

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Chief Biscuits Officer

Cindy Mertens

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Loves coffee & biscuits

Annelies Verbergt

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Biscuits controller

De Waele

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Brings suppliers & biscuits together

Schaapveld 7
9200 Dendermonde
T: +32 52 22 58 22
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